A New Way to Play

Fairway Social offers over 150 of the world's iconic golf courses to play, along with a dozen other multi-sport games. So, even if golf isn’t your thing, our state-of-the-art simulators offer competition and excitement for everyone with our multi-sport option. There’s so much to do, everyone in your group will be asking “What’s next?”

Safety Guidelines
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Step onto the world’s most iconic courses in a Full Swing golf simulator, one of the most realistic simulators available. Play more than 100 virtual courses and receive expert feedback on your golf swing. Learn why golfing greats like Tiger Woods and Justin Spieth use Full Swing simulators. 

Full list of courses
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PinSeekers Game

PinSeekers provides access to golf tournaments for players to win real cash and swag prizes. Every tournament is flighted so you can play against players of your skill level. Use our voucher code FAIRWAY5 to compete in your first tournament for free.

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Face one of the greatest challenges in sports in the two-minute drill. See if you have the skills to beat the defense and score the game-winning touchdown as you take your team down the field. The game’s on the line in the QB Challenge. Or try out QB Precision Passing, Field Goal Knockout, QB Training Camp, and QB Winning Drive.

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Test your mettle in a timed basketball shootout. Score as many points as possible as you go for the game-winning shot. Gather with your friends and see who racks up the most baskets as you aim to hit nothing but net. 

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Take to the pitch on the world’s greatest stage. Select from one of three different difficulty levels and engage in a high-stakes penalty shootout. Will you beat the goalie and find the back of the net? Or go home in disgrace? Step up and find out! 

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Think you’ve got what it takes to make it in the big leagues? Find out when you test your pitching skills against some expert batters. Throw your favorite fastball or ride the edge of the strike zone as you go for that all-elusive strikeout. 

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Skill meets opportunity in our hockey simulator. Lace up your virtual skates and listen to a sold-out crowd cheer you on. Precision and angles are the name of the game in this hockey shootout designed for players of all skill levels. 

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Experience the oldest organized sport in North America in a virtual lacrosse simulation. Play against the clock in a timed shootout where the goal is simple: Score against the goalie or hit the targets before your time runs out. 

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Kick conversions in an extreme simulation that brings a real rugby stadium to life. This isn’t a sport for the faint of heart. We’ve carefully crafted this experience to test your skills and your nerves in an intense sporting experience. 

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Enjoy a classic game of bocce ball... with a virtual sports bar twist. Pick your favorite setting, from a ritzy mansion to the deck of a boat to an underwater habitat, as you compete against your friends. You’ve never seen bocce ball like this! 

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Bowl against an expert batsman in a classic game of cricket. Send the ball home with speed and perfect placement to knock over the opposing team’s wicket. Or watch the batsman clear it away... along with your hope of victory. 

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Zombie Dodgeball

Danger, destruction, and dodgeball combine in a social game unlike any you’ve ever seen. Team up with your fellow weekend warriors to take on the zombie apocalypse. Defend yourself by hitting the zombies with dodgeballs but remember, don’t let them get too close! 

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Carnival Games

Challenge your gang to some carnival and arcade games like Balloon Pop, Connect Fore, Skee Ball, Jewel Match, Target Golf, Darts & Tic Tac Toe and see if you can make a new high score! 

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Arcade Game Play

Shoot. Score. Win! Grab your gang and challenge them to an arcade shoot off! Play games from Basketball Pop-A-Shot, Skee Ball, Golden Tee, Big Buck Hunter and more! 
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Back Nine

Entertain golfers of all stripes on our back nine, from beginners to scratch golfers. Walk a replica of beautiful Amen Corner from the iconic Augusta course as you play nine holes in a state-of-the-art putting experience.